Tactical Stick Rubber Tip End (Pack of 4)

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Color: Black
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  • Standard size these trekking pole tips have a hole with a diameter of 29 mm and are designed to provide a snug fit to our trekking stick

  • Adds extra hold use on hard surfaces like paved trails, roads, sidewalks, or rocky terrain and feel the additional traction from the tips to help prevent slipping and improve stability

  • Protects poles these tip protectors prevent premature wearing of metal tips and are also good on the environment as they minimize terrain scarring.
  • Embedded metal washers increase the lifespan of the rubber tips by adding an extra metal layer that prevents the metal tip from poking through the rubber.
  • 4 Piece set rubber tips to wear and have a tendency to become loose and slide off so it's always a good idea to carry extra tips especially for long hikes with Prime adventure's 4 piece pack you are covered


Item Specifications:

Size : 4 Rubber Tips 
item weight: 5.6 Ounces
Item Length: 6 inches
Item Width: 1.75 inches
Item Height: 4.5 inches

Package Content:

4X Rubber Tips 
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    Color: Black