Quick Completion of Journey with Less Energy Consumption

"...Super Easy To Use, This Stick Has Really Improved My Trekking Experience A Lot - Kody"

Meet Your New Best Pal on the Trail The Tactical Walking Stick. The Tactical Walking Stick is the ultimate Camping, Trekking, Hiking, and Survival tool. This isn’t some cheap piece of plastic. The parts screw together tightly, and the whole thing has a kind of heft that makes it feel great in the hand.

Run into a little trouble on the trail? This thing is heavy and sturdy enough to handle any situation. It works great as a simple walking stick or trekking pole with the tools safely concealed inside. Take apart the whole thing and you can stash it in the included shoulder bag if you find yourself hiking with your hands full or need to do a little climbing.

Our Tactical Walking Stick will take off 90% of your bodyweight and release pressure from the knees and legs!Carrying Our Tactical Walking Stick Gives a Sense Of Added Protection & Personal Safety.

Overall a very versatile and reliable tool.


100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

  • Aluminum Alloyand Shock-absorbent CarbonFiber material.

  • Much Better Balance & Stability.

  • Excellent Grip.

  • Adjustable Pole Length.

  • Makes for a Perfect Survival Kit.

  • Works in all weather conditions.

  • Heat and Corrosion resistant.


 Made of T6 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for strength and durability. It's basically made of fighter jets.


Multiple survival tools contained inside to help you handle all sorts of dicey situations on the go.



Durable, scratch-resistant surface will keep it looking nice and new, even after a little abuse.


Very light-weight

 so you can carry it along 

Wherever You Go.


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We only source merchandise from socially responsible businesses with ethical manufacturing practices. 

Our product is manufactured in the United States

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Yes! If your product malfunction or does not live up your expectations, we will either give you a full refund or send out a new package, depending on the circumstances. Our warranty is valid for one year after delivery.   

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Lightweight and durable, Aluminum Alloyand Shock-absorbent carbonfiber material. Backed with one year warranty.


We provide free delivery and free returns within continental United States.


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