#1 Best Tomahawk Tactical Axes

  • Lightweight:  Weighing just a little over one pound

  • Durable & Reliable: A high quality carbon steel head combined with a fiberglass handle, this axe is built to last.

  • Anyone, Anywhere: Campers, outdoorsmen, survivalists; on the trail, at camp, on the road - all can benefit from the usefulness of this axe.

  • Sharp: Equipped with two sharp points on each side

"Good axe! small, sharp, stylish." 

- Jim Tanner

These award-winning Primeadventure™ Tactical Axes are the ultimate survival tool that will help you during emergency situations. Our hatchet has multiple survival functions in one, keeping you safe in unfamiliar territory. 

Being in the wilderness can be quite challenging, especially if you have to survive in the wilderness. use our camping axe to hack some wood for your fire to keep you warm in the cold night.


Since you are just visiting the wilderness, you may attract some unwanted guests like bears or mountain lions. Be able to defend yourself with the sharp edges of the survival axe, just in case some wild animals try to attack you.

Keep your tactical axe with you at all times because you just never know when you will need it when you're in the wild. Weighing just a little over one pound, our survival hatchet can seamlessly fit inside any small storage area without weighing you down.


Tactical Camping Tomahawk Axe


$ 92.00 USD$ 48.93 USD

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Lightweight yet Strong & Sturdy enough!

Chili Chisel axe

  • Weight: 630g (1.38lbs)

  • Length: 29cm (15.4in)

  • Rear Bit: Needle

  • Axe Head Material: High-Carbon Steel 

  • Features: Best for digging holes, and the needle is strong enough to tear anything

Pointed axe

  • Weight: 570g (1.26lbs)

  • Length: 29cm (15.4in)

  • Rear Bit: Edge

  • Axe Head Material: High-Carbon Steel 

  • Features: The spike applies greater pressure on the area struck, making it easier to chop through tough objects with an accurate strike. It's also good for splitting wood.

Hammer axe

  • Weight: 680g (1.49lbs)

  • Length: 29cm (15.4in)

  • Rear Bit: Hammer

  • Axe Head Material: High-Carbon Steel 
  • Features: Drives in nails, spikes, poles and stakes with minimal effort. Great for setting up a tent or constructing a tree house.


Made with high-quality 

 carbon steel


Multiple survival tools contained inside to help you handle all sorts of dicey situations on the go.



Durable, scratch-resistant surface will keep it looking nice and new, even after a little abuse.


Very light-weight

 so you can carry it along 

Wherever You Go.

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Where do your products come from?

We only source merchandise from socially responsible businesses with ethical manufacturing practices. 

Our product is manufactured in the United States

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Yes! If your product malfunction or does not live up your expectations, we will either give you a full refund or send out a new package, depending on the circumstances. Our warranty is valid for one year after delivery.   

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Lightweight and durable, Aluminum Alloy and Shock-absorbent carbonfiber material. Backed with one year warranty.


We provide free delivery and free returns within continental United States.


The parcel will reach its destination in 6-8 days depending on your address.

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